The History of the Explanar

The Origins of the Explanar Golf Training Aid

The idea that the perfect golf swing originates from swinging in line with your optimum swing plane was influenced by key thinkers in golfing history. One significant influence was the work of Ben Hogan and his book 'The Fundamentals of Golf'. In this book, Hogan uses a Pane of Glass to visually represent where he believes the golfer’s optimum swing plane would be, and he believes that if a golfer is able to swing along this plane, they would perform the perfect shot.

Seymour Dunn also visually represented where he believed the golfer's optimum swing plane would be, however chose to do this by running a piece of rope from the ball through to his sternum. This developed into his Canvas Plane Board in 1928.

As you can see from the images below, Luther’s invention of the Explanar golf training aid, and his idea that it was integral for students to feel what it was like to hit a shot in line with their optimum swing plane, was a culmination of all these influences.


Luther’s Story 

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The Explanar golf training aid was invented by the PGA Master Professional Luther Blacklock.

In 1993, Luther was a PGA Professional who had already been teaching golf for over thirty years. Although he was a very successful teacher, Luther felt that something was missing from his teaching armory.

Luther identified that the missing component was that his golf students not only needed to understand how to swing their club to perform their shot, but more importantly, they needed to feel what it was like to swing perfectly in line with their optimum swing plane. If a golfer is able to swing perfectly at the angle of their optimum swing plane, then they will be able to perform much straighter, longer, and more consistent shots on the golf course.

To help his students understand what it was like to feel this perfect golf swing in order to improve their game, Luther invented the Explanar Golf Training Aid in 2001.

The Explanar Today

The Explanar Training Aid is now used in over sixty countries by hundreds of Golf Pro’s and thousands of golfing amateurs, and in some of the worlds most prestigious golf clubs.

The invention of the Explanar revolutionized the way that golf was taught, and Luther was awarded Master PGA Professional status in 2008. Luther continues to teach with the Explanar and change the way golf is taught and learned.

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The Explanar in action

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