29/10/17 What a difference a week makes

I've now been using Explanar for a week, and what a difference! I'd targeted two 5 minute sessions per day and only missed 2 out of 14. Around 2,000 on plane swings completed and many other benefits realised including: I already feel more "swing fit"; and I can feel core and lats muscles more engaged. The key thing here is that all these are described as "feel" benefits. 

As far as my swing is concerned, I have felt and visibly noticed several things - look at the difference between the swing video from last week and the one from this week

First was the length of my takeaway - many golf articles talk about takeaway, and photo shoots demonstrate the pros who have a long straight extension of the club. With Explanar I have realised precisely what this feels like - the stretch through your arms, your core, and your lats that confirm that you have in fact extended your takeaway. Explanar advises an area 4m wide for your unit; when unpacking last week I thought that 3m was easily sufficient - I think I've already reset that view to at least 3.60m purely due to my own development during the last 7 days

Second was the wrist hinge - I used to think that I hinged well since my driver was horizontal at the top of the backswing; so why do I not hit the ball 300 yards? It is clear with Explanar that my wrist hinge was lazy and late, and then was not maintained as lag on the downswing; I can now feel a full 90 degree hinge once the arms approach horizontal on the backswing. This is maintained thorough the half swing - as encouraged by Explanar - and noticed by not extending the roller above the height of the plane fin. I had originally thought that Explanar would not fit inside a 2.40m ceiling room, however, I have now realised that there should be no need to test this 2.40 height since the roller should act within the height of the plane fin

Third was the feedback from the Explanar itself regarding black marks on the unit and the spin of the roller - black marks have appeared particularly on the backswing hoop suggesting that my non-Explanar backswing was too far inside or below plane hence Explanar working to maintain a correct plane; spinning roller indicates that I have swung above the hoop ie the roller loses contact, demonstrating my lack of forearm roll in my backswing to keep the club head on plane. None of these would be felt during a normal round or driving range session.

Does it work on the course though? This will be my real nervy test - theory all ok; practice all ok; but can I transfer all that onto the first tee? Which swing will appear when I first tee the ball up - the new on-plane swing supported by Explanar? Or the version honed over the last 10 years? More next time