07/12/17 Video Evidence starts to make sense

Have you all enjoyed the recent cold weather in the UK?

Mixed emotions for me - the move from 32 degrees C in UAE to 32 degrees F in UK was quite a shock! On the plus side, however, I was happy to be able to spend 10 minutes morning and evening in a cosy garage with Explanar rather than trudging around a cold, dismal, frozen, leaf covered golf course.

All coaches talk about focused practice - this is a great example!

I’m 6 weeks in now on this Explanar mission, and the honeymoon is over. It’s time for me to get going properly on specific actions to improve my swing and swing plane consistency. I’ve got used to the equipment; I’ve established a practice routine which works and has become a habit; now just need to tweak to make sure I’m ticking off the improvement actions

If you remember, this Project 75 process started from two videos from the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Golf League Society days. Both clearly showed me having an ok backswing but then on my downswing my first action was to drop my hands creating a second, much lower plane, and a potential failed shot which either generated a block push or bounce into the ball top/hook.

You can see these two videos on twitter (@StevieG_1967) but there is an example of a front on view of my driver swing during the summer - note the low hands at the top of the backswing then the drop onto a flatter lower plane (see video 1 below)

I had another look at those videos during the week, and also took a couple of me in action on the Explanar. The side view from the Explanar videos (see video 3 below) showed that despite THINKING that I was now perfectly on plane, I was clearly still dropping behind on the downswing - probably explaining why on the course I’m tending to push a little to the right. 

The takeaway looked ok; the roller was pretty much on the fin at the top; but the next move dropped my hands, moved away from the fin, rolled around the hoop and then came away from the fin at the top of the follow through ... mmmmmm

Over a number of evenings, I then took a few more videos while concentrating on hand position - I’ve shared a another here (see video 4 below) and you can see that in the final one it looks like I’m getting there. Takeaway, backswing all on plane with roller on fin and hands just on or above the hoop. Finally, I’m not dropping my hands on the downswing, they stay above the hoop, and the follow through rests on the fin.

This feels weird, but that’s the whole point of Explanar - FEEL the correct swing plane. Digging around on line for swing plane videos I found Hideki Matsuyama (see video 2 below). He’s a Srixon staffer, with a very fast swing speed but in particular a very distinct action - wide set up, high hands, and a pause at the top. His hands don’t move off plane. I’m going to give this one a go with Explanar - not that I intend to use this pause on the course, but more to establish that correct first move and not to drop my hands.

Final point for this week - my swing circle is getting wider and wider; I guess that I’m approaching the 4m that Explanar advise for space around the unit. One side effect - after seeing the advice of another user who talked about focus on the point at the bottom of the hoop where the two pieces join, I place a ball on a tee in front as a visual guide. Big advice - make sure its a plastic ball; hitting a golf ball, in a garage, with a weighted roller, because you’re now swinging with a wider arc, is not advisable; good job Mrs G wasn’t in at the time!

Countdown to Christmas now and another week or so of travel with work. I’ll keep thinking about that travel Explanar or hope that they can get units installed in hotel gyms and airport lounges around the world maybe!