22/10/17 Set up and First Use of Explanar

Sunday morning, Explanar unit fully assembled yesterday, ready for first practice session. Step 1 - get changed into golf kit; step 2 - put the coffee on, settle down in front of the TV and WATCH THE DVD 

If I'm going to take "Project 75" seriously then there's absolutely no point in skipping this second step - this is the foundation of my new golf game so I need to pay attention to it. The DVD is clearly presented and easy to follow. At this stage, all I need to do is watch chapters 1 to 7; that is fine to set me up and running with the Explanar

Next step - set up the appropriate angle of the Explanar for my height, and my chosen swing roller. I'm 1.80m tall and I have the long swing roller. After 10 minutes I'd settled on two settings on the calibration arm: level +1 if I'm using the swing roller as a driver ie holding at the butt end of the grip; and level +2 (ie more vertical) if I'm using the swing roller as a 5 iron, ie holding at the shaft end of the grip

All very easy to adjust using the plane sensor bungee cord as a guide to my own plane

The DVD suggests 5-10 minutes training every day and Luther stresses not to overtrain - this doesn't feel much, but for anyone who's dived into a new gym regime with a little too much enthusiasm in the first session, then they'll know that too much too soon doesn't do you any good! I set my phone timer for 5 minutes and started the first level of steady, slow, methodical swings - no wrist hinge, no forearm roll, just the basic y-shape set up and get used to using the Explanar 

A few minutes into this and I'm starting to think if my phone timer has broken; the weight of the roller - although not excessive - already means that I can feel my core switching on, lats being used and arms generally having a little tingle to them. After 5 minutes my phone timer sounds and I feel like that's enough as a first session. I like the feel of this; only 5 minutes, but certainly worth it as exercise. Seeing as I've only spent 5 minutes in the golf gym, then I decided to have a putt ... bad idea! With arms that now have a muscle memory of swinging a weighted roller, the first putt hits the garage door at pace leading to a shout from Mrs G in the lounge "Who do you think you are? Ricky Fowler?"

Conclusion from session 1? If I'm going to mix putting and Explanar, then make sure the putting session goes first; aside from that - I like the look and feel of this; roll on the next 6 months hard work!