21/10/17 Official Launch of "Project 75" supported by Explanar

So what's this "Project 75" all about?

I've always set targets for my sports, particularly during my cycling career as I got more into personal training, coaching and the mental side of sport

Golf has been no different, although for 2018 it seems more relevant ... My playing handicap has recently gone up for the first time since I started playing golf 10 years ago - I'm now officially at 11 (10.5)

Looking back at 2017 it was actually an ok year, despite this one metric not agreeing.

I've played more than in recent years; I've developed a half decent short game and putting game; I've won a couple of competitions including one of the prestigious Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Golf League Society Days; got to the final of the Virgin Match Play Pairs and I've met a load of new friends via Flying Club Swingers. But, my game has been inconsistent, and a couple of specific swing videos from the Flying Club team gave me a few clues as to why - when Mrs G first saw both of these videos she announced "Billy 2 planes"!

Harsh but fair? It was clear as anything that I'd developed a very lazy and loopy transition at the top of my swing resulting in a hugely flatter downswing leading to long high and straight pushes right at best, and fat flat pull hooks at worst. Not every time, but frequently enough to give cause for concern, and also to affect not only the driver but also my irons. Time for action.

OK, Season targets, but where does "75" come from?

A cheeky tweet to Explanar asking if they wanted to help and I thought no more about it. Work was hectic, long haul travel imminent, and the golf season was all but over for 2017. Then, out of the blue, I got a message from Matt at Explanar for me to get in touch; that's what started "Project 75" and a renewed focus on 2018 

The impetus was a chat with Matt at Explanar asking for him and Luther to get involved in exchange for an Ambassadorial style role with plenty of soft marketing/blogging - I'd spoken about a target of getting down to a Category 1 handicap (<=5.4) and believed that work on my swing plane would help. A few building blocks sprung to mind covering a mixture of process goals and outcome/performance goals which all seemed to have a number 75 in them ... hence "Project 75". A few weeks later and a big box appeared on my doorstep - now we've started!

To make everything public, and measurable, here's the details - hopefully by this time next year everything will have a big tick next to it!

In expectation of this, thanks in advance to Matt and Luther at Explanar for all their help and support during 2018 and to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Golf Swingers for introducing me to Explanar, and to a whole host of new friends!

Stevie G Golf Goals 2018 - Project 75 - Supported by Explanar

Low and stay low; Lower for longer


Process Goals

Weight 75kg (starts at 80kg)

Average 75k steps per week

Average > 75% FW (>10/14)

Average > 75% GIR (>13/18)

Expect to 1 putt within 7.5 feet

Expect up and down from <75 yards


Outcome Goals

Qualify for s15 Finals

Win a Virgin Society day

Win a Board comp at Club

Win a Monthly Medal

Average scoring <80 gross

Round <75 gross at home club (par 73)

>75% scoring in buffer zone or below

Phase #1 - Handicap to 7.5 (starts at 10.5)

Phase #2 - Handicap to 5.4 (Cat 1)


Steve Glennon