12/12/17 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Back on my travels this week with business trips to Atlanta and then Manchester.

Both trips interfere with my practice, but also give me time to think about what and how I want to develop my practice over the next few months before the season starts. 9 hours on a plane seems the perfect environment for this!

At least I’ve not had any frustrations from the bad weather and not being able to practise! There’s probably still time for you to get a unit delivered in time for Christmas! 

Despite not having a Travel Explanar - or a global directory of all Explanar units - I’ve had an idea to continue the strength/feel training in the hotel gyms with either the cable machines or medicine balls. Now I know what the swing is supposed to FEEL like, then I’m sure I can replicate that with some additional weights - stretches in lats; full arm extension; wrist hinge; high hands etc See today’s video 

I’ve been pleasantly surprised how I’ve managed to keep on with the 5 minutes on Explanar every morning and evening. There’s an adage within any sport or activity that 14 days/sessions starts to create a habit or a routine - that’s exactly what its become; as you know I always precede the swinging with 10 minutes of putting so I end up with a double benefit for my golf game, all in the comfort of my own home.

The 5 minutes itself has changed though. I’ve gone from a simple pendulum swing to a more focused think about what my swing is actually doing. I can now concentrate on various positions during the swing - what my arms/body feel like at the start with a long wide takeaway while spotting for a straight roller shaft pointing away from the “fairway”; then transitioning to a forearm roll and the wrist hinge, finishing off with high hands and roller on the fin at the top of the backswing.

As you know from last week, my problem area pre Explanar has been a loopy start to my downswing resulting in a second, lower, flatter, pushy swing plane. This is the area that I most want to think about and discuss further with both the Explanar team and my local Pro.


With any training or practice my key objective is always to have a focus for that session - driving range, putting green, chipping area, Explanar etc

Once I’m back home, the next step must be to link the roller training with hitting real golf balls. The ideal set up for me would be to create a golf interval session: Explanar in position at the driving range, spend one minute with the roller on the unit, then hit 5 to 10 golf balls; back to the roller for another minute, then back to the golf balls. 

Logically, this should enable me to convert the theory and muscle memory of the Explanar directly into the actual real golf swing - as per several of Luther’s YouTube videos. I believe that it should add another benefit as well - increased swing speed. Now I’ve not tested the practice of this, but in any other sport (my history is track cycling sprint events) training with heavy weights then going onto normal if not extra light equipment tricks your body into attacking the lighter equipment with the same effort as the weighted pieces, resulting in a much more intense (harder/faster) effort.

I’m hoping that gym sessions with medicine balls will have a similar bonus impact; I’ll let you know next week

Hope the weather improves for when I’m back so that I can add real life to the theory!