03/11/17 Explanar can also help your putting!

I’ve discovered a huge side effect of using Explanar which must be golf’s biggest secret about putting - I'll let you into this a little later...

Before that, how did my first round of golf go?

Well, realistically did I think that I was suddenly going to shoot gross par after one week? No.

Did I think that one week would make a miracle change? Again, no.

But I did think that after a week of having practised the most that I had done in years then it must have helped - even though I hadn't actually hit a golf ball

Scores on the doors - Round 1

3 ball comp on winter greens

Golf processes - FW 6/14 (43%); GIR 3/18 (17%); putts 27

Golf outcomes - 36 points (84 gross); effectively buffer zone

Mindset - excellent; post shot routine held together all round

Based on pure stats, not brilliant, but a real game of three thirds

i) First 6 holes, I really struggled with my new swing - I had a random mix of high block pushes turning into a slight fade [my regular driver swing is a high soft draw]; a few perfect cover drives; and I threw in a couple of flat pulls. The swing felt much too flat and from too low hands; also, too fast, with a very short backswing

ii) On the 7th tee I had a word with myself - what had I been learning with Explanar? Extended takeaway, forearm roll, wrist hinge...

Focus on these, complete the backswing, then simply commit to the downswing and follow through. One additional point - get back to a slightly steeper swing plane and enjoy the round

Next 6 holes I played in one over gross! Now we've started!

iii) Rest of round was ok but a few niggling thoughts in my mind about my new swing

When I got home I spent 10 minutes back on the Explanar - not a full swing session but a bit more thought about the set up. What I'd found out on the course was that even though I had set up the Explanar correctly per the DVD, I had been using the long roller at maximum grip length which effectively flattened my swing plane too much. When I put my driver and the swing roller side by side on the Explanar it seemed perfectly clear; in effect I was practising a swing that needed a driver that was a foot longer! Easy fix - align the swing roller with my driver shaft plane at set up, then grip down to the bottom of the grip. This set up - the 5 iron set up described in the DVD - gave me a much better swing plane which was much more natural to my driver swing plane. Have a look at the video clip to demonstrate

Week 2 I've been using this adjusted set up - Explanar is still at setting +1, but I'm now holding the bottom of the grip to replicate my driver. I've continued with two sessions per day (only missed two sessions due to travel)

So did it work?

Scores on the doors - Round 2

Individual comp on winter greens, and tees

Golf processes - FW 9/14 (64%); GIR 3/18 (17%); putts 26

Golf outcomes - 43 points (77 gross), 4 over par!

Mindset - excellent

Awesome! Really seeing a change; yes, its a winter course, but this new swing already feels more natural and also much easier to get back if I have a few lazy drives.

I’m going to enjoy this winter!

Before I go, I nearly forgot - what about this putting secret I hear you say?

Come on, you all know the answer, and it's completely free of charge.

The Explanar DVD and the videos demonstrate how Explanar can help train a draw, a fade, bunker shots and many other swing benefits. They recommend 5-10 minutes per day. This is the Explanar secret - the recommendation to practice EVERY DAY.

I have simply added putting mat practice before each Explanar swing session.

That's it!

How many of you actually practise putting between rounds? Thought not! In the last two weeks I've done around 25 Explanar sessions; each time adding 5-10 minutes putting - 3ft to 6ft to 10ft putts. In simple terms, that's over 3 hours of putting, and at a guess, 3 hours more putting than 99% of amateur golfers

27 putts in my first round; 26 in my second round - hole seems the size of a bucket - I now expect to hole anything within 10 feet - all down to Explanar!