20/05/18 - Effort produces Results

Finally a golf blog not a travel blog!

Since I got back from Japan I’ve played 6 and a half rounds: my first Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Golf society day at Walton Heath; two Matchplay pairs at new club; one pairs comp; one singles comp and one 4 ball AM-AM. It’s the most I’ve played in around 9 months and the results have been amazing!

Within those rounds I’ve had two third places in the pairs/4ball comps; two wins in the club pairs Matchplay; top ten with Virgin flying club golf, and a somewhat disappointing medal.

Here’s the data:

R1 - SWGC back 9; 40 gross = +3; 1 birdie; 5/7 fairways; 2/9 GIR; 13 putts

R2 - Walton Heath; 83 gross = +10; 2 birds; 8/14 fairways; 7/18 GIR; 34 putts

R3 - SWGC; 79 gross = +6; 0 birds; 9/14 fairways; 10/18 GIR; 32 putts

R4 - SWGC; 81 gross = +8; 1 bird; 7/14 fairways; 8/18 GIR; 30 putts

R5 - SWGC; 90 gross = +17; 1 bird; 6/14 fairways; 2/18 GIR; 35 putts

R6 - SWGC; 83 gross = +10; 0 birds; 11/14 fairways; 6/18 GIR; 31 putts

R7 - SWGC; 81 gross = +8; 2 birds; 8/14 fairways; 7/18 GIR; 30 putts

I’ve highlighted four specific metrics above to relate back to my project 75 goals:

Lowest gross 79 ... only 4 strokes to lose to get to 75

Best fairways 11/14 - target achieved! Averaging 59% = 8 per full round

Best GIR 10/18 ... only 3 more to hit target. Averaging 6 per full round

Fewest putts 30 ... averaging 32 per full round

In addition, my average scoring has been 83 with a target to be below 80; and of the 6 rounds, if all had been medals then I’d have been within buffer or better for 83% of them!

Can I conclude that the last 6 months with Explanar have been worth it? Oh yes!

I need to get my head round having a medal card in my hand - that 90 gross finished with an 8/6/8 so maybe it was more due to tiredness? Aside from that, either I’m much more relaxed without a card, or my playing partner is a caddying genius!

Either way, the benefits of a full winter’s training with Explanar are very apparent.

Much improved, confident, and smooth swing plane leading to hitting many more fairways. Mid/short irons are great; ball strike feels super. I’d like to be hitting more greens especially as I’m hitting fairways, but its a great step change so far.

Two things that have been the biggest on course changes for me:

  1. having the knowledge that I can get my swing back on track if I have a wobble mid-round by going back to Explanar basics
  2. Having the mindset of playing for my best shot rather than my most frequent shot

I’m amazed to read comments on-line that people say “it was good for 3 days, then I’d learned everything and now let it gather dust”. Explanar is not a miracle device - you’re not suddenly going to shoot 6 under par, but I’m convinced that its a perfect partner for a proper focused training routine. I’m fully aware that its easy to be perfect with a weighted roller inside a fixed hoop, but I’m also conscious that I have to be fully aware of those practiced swing thoughts, swing feelings, and swing positions when I then move to the course. Why should golf be different to any other sport?

I’m still keeping up with daily sessions on the Explanar and the Sure-Set and can’t recommend them enough. Now to get that handicap down!

Steve Glennon