08/01/18 - Dry January?

Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy 2018!

It already seems like Christmas and New Year were ages ago, so now is the perfect time to review some objectives and focus on what’s going to be a HUGE 2018.

I’ll be concentrating on off-course processes as per my Project 75 objectives (weight loss, activity, Explanar, putting). More next time ...

In the meantime - what’s Dry January to you?

  1. Dry January = no alcohol? or
  2. Dry January = golf with no rain?

For me in the UK the only way of achieving the second option is via indoor training; warm, dry garage/lounge/kitchen plus Explanar and putting matt.

Looking out of the window this morning its zero degrees C (32 degrees F), cold, wintry, and not particularly inviting for hitting frozen golf balls at a driving range.

The last few weeks we’ve been hit by storms Dylan and Eleanor bringing a mix of rain and high winds - hopefully everyone kept safe!

Fortunately, I’ve been able to continue working on the feel of my swing through daily Explanar sessions - I’m now catching myself practising swings when out and about and looking at my shadow ... any passers by can only be impressed with the single plane improvement! Mrs G isn’t that impressed ... tough crowd! 

I’ve not hit a real golf ball on a real golf course for 6 weeks now

Despite that, I feel that I’m nearly ready for golf

My swing continues to develop and feels in good nick - its getting much more consistent on the Explanar hoop; the biggest feedback being the sound of the roller aligned with the top fin, and the feedback on hand position from a mirror.

I’ve also added a few specific routines into my training now and included the medicine ball element after each session - dual grip medicine balls are the future!

One specific area I’ve been focusing on has been full shoulder turn while maintaining a smaller turn of the hips; this creates coil in the backswing which then unleashes on the downswing - all in the Explanar hoop. Here my swing thoughts have been:

Wide takeaway, shoulder turn, roll forearms, wrist hinge - all essentials from Explanar

“Screw” back heel into the ground

Weight on right heel and left toes

... by the way, as you know I’m a right handed player ...

This feels (its all about feel as you already know) like a pre-loading coil of the backswing; taking shoulders to 90 degrees turn now actually stores some power in this backswing. Amazingly, by focusing on the back heel, I now automatically start my downswing by pushing from that heel with weight shift to the left side, and there’s only one thing that can then happen - shoulders start to unwind, and the hands simply follow

This refocus seems to have solved my dropping hands and my tendency to start the downswing by throwing my hands at the ball.

Try it! I’ll get a video together for next time, but in the meantime, just have Rory’s swing in your mind - watching his squat and subsequent leap at the ball I now don’t see that as a conscious movement. I’m convinced that its just a natural unwinding of a large amount of torque and power built up in his backswing due to a huge difference between shoulder turn (maximal) and hips turn (minimal)

My practice and experience with Explanar has brought me to this conclusion - I’d be interested to see if this aligns with the theory being taught by our experienced PGA Pros?

Target for January is now all about weight loss - get it out of the way once and for all and then stop moaning about it; Christmas kgs have gone already, now proper effort to get to “race weight”.

Nice to see the offer from @Explanar to @golfingswingers

2018 is now season 15 of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Golf Swingers Golf League - see www.flyingclubgolfleague.com

Sign up on line then take advantage of the offer - buy now, full refund if/when (it’s all down to you!) you subsequently achieve player of the month award ... no brainer!

In it to win it - get your Explanar ordered, sign up for the Golf League, improve your game!

Enjoy the weather!

Steve Glennon

8th January 2018