Winter Customer Case Study

We’re super excited to feature a blog from a UK customer – Steve Glennon

Steve plays in the Virgin Atlantic Swingers Golf League where we’re a main sponsor

Virg Steve


Steve felt he underperformed this season & decided to do something about it so contacted us & asked us to support him over the winter in his quest to lower his handicap & qualify for the Virgin Atlantic Swingers league final next year.

Steve is going to create a regular blog throughout the winter, with photos, videos and a written account of his thoughts and experiences, starting with receiving his Explanar.

This will be an un-edited account, direct from a customer - if he doesn't like the Explanar or the improvement to his game then you'll know about it at the same time as us but we're confident he'll love the product and the experience and we hope you enjoy his story.

If you'd like to ask Steve anything, please email us and we'll pass it on to him and he'll either reply direct or respond in one of his blogs.

Good luck Steve and thanks for trusting us with helping you play golf better.

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