Will Explanar fix my swing faults?

Yes. Explanar can be used to fix all golf swing faults.

When the Explanar Hoop is adjusted to both your height and the length of club that you would like to use, the swing movement of the Power Roller serves to diagnose any problems immediately.

Because Explanar trains the whole swing movement, by swinging the Power Roller correctly around the hoop, the body is obliged to adhere to a more orthodox or effective swing. By setting the Explanar at your Optimum Swing Plane, you are encouraged to swing in your unique, most effective, accurate and powerful swing plane.

Also, you are likely to instinctively improve your grip, posture and alignment, as any faults will feel uncomfortable. For example, an incorrect grip will not function economically and often you will will intuitively improve your grip, an action that is very hard to achieve with conventional teaching methods.

If you would like more information on how Explanar can improve your swing faults, then why not ask Luther a question.