“Anyone can use Explanar to their benefit” - Martin Hall, PGA Master Professional

Martin Hall, who was awarded PGA Master Professional and named PGA America Teacher of the Year, endorses the Explanar. Martin is also a contributing teacher to Golf Magazine and a renowned presenter on the Golf Channel.

On Explanar Martin commented:

"I have to admit I thought all swing circles were the same, until I tried the Explanar. What impresses me is its versatility. Any instructor can use Explanar to his or her benefit and that of any student at any level using any method. The combination of the weighted Power Roller, Plane Fin and Radial Stance Mat deliver a unique machine. I believe that as a kinaesthetic tool it’ll improve communication between me and my students and look forward to having some fun. I’d urge any coach that hasn’t stepped into an Explanar to think again. I’m glad I did."

Martin Hall recommends Explanar