“Every golf facility should have an Explanar” – Dr. Jim Suttie, named PGA Teacher of the Year in 2000

Dr. Jim Suttie uses the Explanar at his Twin Eagles Academy in Naples, Florida and at Willow Hill in Northbrook, Illinois.

“I have added Explanar to my Academy in Illinois because of the success I have had with Explanar at my Twin Eagles Academy in Naples, Florida. Explanar develops the golf motion quicker than anything out there. The Explanar not only gives the student the correct swing mechanics for the plane of the golf swing but allows the student to translate those mechanics into swing feelings. It also gives the student the true CONCEPT of the plane. With no concept, no learning can take place. It is truly a solid teaching tool. In my opinion, every golf facility should have an Explanar.”


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Jim Suttie recommends Explanar