“Explanar let me put feelings into actions” - Jerry Kelly, 25th highest earning PGA Tour golfer in history

Jerry Kelly, 2009 Zurich Classic of New Orleans, said on Explanar: 

"I don't think I would be in the Explanar if it wasn’t for my coach Jim Schuman. He is a world class instructor, and player. What he taught me was shown in my muscles through the Explanar. He was able to describe the feelings I was having. Working with the Explanar helped me to feel what Jim has been trying to teach me. It was when I felt the muscles going in the correct motion, as well as the correct sequence, that I finally was able to put those feelings into action. The Explanar made the time of learning much shorter. And knowing it was the correct movements gave me the confidence to play well with my changes."

Jerry Kelly recommends Explanar