"Explanar can transform someone's strike of the ball" - Top Golf Chigwell, UK

Craig Donaldson has recently bought an Explanar to use at the Chigwell Top Golf center as he believes that the Explanar is the best tool to help the golfer feel and recreate swinging along their optimum plane for themselves.

Craig believes that the best thing about the Explanar is the way that it can totally 'transform' someone's strike of the golf ball in so little time. He has also identified that there are 5 key benefits of using the Explanar - muscle memory, fitness and power, correcting posture and balance, helping the tempo of your swing, and aiding ball flight. This is a showcase to Explanar's diversity and a confirmation of the fact that it works to improve your whole game.

To find out more about what Craig said about the Explanar you can read his full interview.