"It is the best teaching/training/practice aid I've seen!" - Bigbury Golf Club, UK

Nigel Blenkarne from Bigbury Golf Club uses the Explanar and completely endorses the product as he believes that the Explanar is the best golf training aid around.

In an interview with Nigel we asked how he would describe the Explanar and he gave high praise for the product, calling it 'the best teaching/training/practice aid I’ve seen in 40 years of professional golf.'

Nigel also believes in the importance of the Explanar allowing you to feel your swing when playing golf, 'it gives people the desired feeling of what they should be doing in an experiential, intuitive way and not a technical one. It is holistic and allows, within parameters, for individuality. This makes it work for everyone (providing it is used & explained correctly) whereas everything else I’ve ever seen may work for some but not others and are therefore more limited in their benefits.'

Read the full interview with Nigel to find out more about what he thinks of the Explanar and why he believes it is a golf training aid that really works.

Bigbury Golf Club