Explanar Reviews from Golf Clubs

Golf clubs share their reviews of Explanar and how it's helped their members' games.

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Butch Harmon School of Golf
Butch Harmon School of Golf, Nevada, USA

The Explanar is used at Butch Harmon's School of Golf. Butch was voted Golf Digest’s #1 Greatest Teacher

Bigbury Golf Club
"It is the best teaching/training/practice aid I've seen!" - Bigbury Golf Club, UK

Nigel Blenkarne from Bigbury Golf Club in Devon uses the Explanar and completely endorses the product as he believes that the Explanar is the best golf training aid around.

Rhys Harry
Rhys Harry - PGA Professional, Tenby Golf Club

The Explanar is used at Butch Harmon's School of Golf. Butch was voted Golf Digest’s #1 Greatest Teacher & coach to Phil Mickelson

Golf at Toscana
“The Explanar is great!” – Golf at Toscana Country Club, USA

The Explanar is great. One of my students actually ordered one the day after he tried it. I am thoroughly enjoying it and it makes teaching so much easier and more fun for my students whatever their standard...

Ibis Golf & Country Club
“I’d urge any coach that hasn’t stepped into the Explanar to think again” - Ibis Golf & Country Club, Florida

Martin Hall has installed the Explanar Golf Training System at his Academy at the Ibis Golf & Country Club, West Palm Beach, Florida. In 2008 Martin Hall was awarded PGA Master Professional status by the PGA of Great Britain & Ireland and also named PGA of America Teacher of the Year...

Beeston Fields Golf Club
“Explanar gives an instant picture of how the swing should feel” - Beeston Fields Golf Club, UK

Explanar is simplicity in action. With a good grip and correct posture, the Explanar gives an instant picture of how the swing should feel. Swing thoughts are no longer an issue. One of my pupils, a 2 handicap player, has, after a difficult spell, regained his game...

Newton Stewart Golf Club
“Explanar helps teach the down swing” - Newton Stewart Golf Club, Northern Ireland

There are many established golfers that have never understood how their hands should work. The Explanar enables them to understand through feel how their hands work. I’ve found the Explanar particularly useful in helping teach the down swing. The weighted roller helps eliminate ‘casting’.

Dodge City Community College
“Explanar is a great teaching aid” - Dodge City Community College, Dodge City, Kansas

Wanted to let you know what a great teaching and training aid the Explanar is. Our golf team members use it every day. The instant feedback allows a player to immediately feel the correct swing plane that is suited to them...

"Explanar can transform someone's strike of the ball" - Top Golf Chigwell, UK

Craig Donaldson has recently bought an Explanar to use at the Chigwell Top Golf center as he believes that the Explanar is the best tool to help the user feel and recreate swinging along their optimum plane for themselves.

“Explanar is integral to our teaching programmes” - Golf Learning Centre, Portugal

Our Bennett’s Golf Learning Centre in Estoril was the first golf venue in Portugal to acquire an Explanar Golf Training System and I now have another at our facility in Madiera. Explanar is an integral part of our teaching programmes...

“I love my Explanar” - Gateway Golf Centre, Missouri, USA

I still love my Explanar. I had a guy that I couldn’t get him to get a proper weight transfer. He would finish his swing on his right foot, with his left heel off the ground. I put him in the Explanar and his next 3 swings were perfect. Amazing!