I'm delighted with the results I’ve seen from the Explanar

I’ve played golf for around 25 years. After the initial induction to the game and assembly of the basic skills my handicap settled around 12-14 for the past 20 years. I tend to play regularly once or twice a week and usually visit the pro every couple of years for a short batch of “refresher” lessons to ensure I’m not picking up too many bad habits.

I started using the Explanar at the end of July this year, having had a good consistent golfing spell over the summer - typically scoring between 34 and 37 stableford points in competitions.

After several weeks of using the Explanar I found my ball striking improved considerably and I started to feel I maybe had a better game in me. In particular regular use of the Explanar allowed me to regulate my swing and remove two major areas of inconsistency for me ; firstly the swing plane itself, with one practice swing on the course, mimicking the feel of the Explanar I could “forget” any swing plane thoughts. Secondly with regular use of the Explanar I vastly reduced my tendency to sway a little on the downswing. During practice I will focus on the joint at the foot of the Explanar and  this ensure my head and upper body doesn't move horizontally during the swing.

The real benefits from the above improvements mean I can now focus more on short game and putting.

Over the past month I’ve now posted several under par rounds with two being 5 shots better than par. 

As a result I’m now delighted to be playing off a single figure handicap (8.8) for the first time ever. I feel reasonably comfortable at this level and hope to maybe shave a bit more off over the coming year.

Im delighted with the results I’ve seen from the Explanar.

Steve Cooke - November 2017