There Are No Words To Describe How Good This Golf Training Aid Is!!

AMAZING. It arrived Saturday late afternoon--I set it up - watched the videos-swung the long and short roller on optimum plane and when I showed up the next day (Sunday 8:30 a.m.) Tee time - I was "puring" every single club from Driver to 52 degree Vokey -- straight as an arrow, long (I hit my driver normally 250 carry) AND twelve yes "12" hours later. The Explanar after a couple of holes became a "way of life" a nonchalant noun... As in, my golf partner saying OMG and all I could say was "The Explanar". I am a high handicapper 18-20 plus. What I was struggling with was what the "FEEL" of what a lefty (well let's be honest "any") golf swing on perfect plane "FEELS" like. I was experimenting too flat, too steep, sometimes inside out, mostly outside in. I take lessons and we focus on video, yes yes...I can see it... but could never FEEL it. By the way golf pro I take lessons from. . . you are not on the course with me when I slice it 80 yards left and that leaves a long day waiting for the one shot that brings me back. I am a lefty and some days were good and others were just frustrating. Hopefully most of those slicing days are behind me and frankly after an hour on the Explanar and 12 hours later I easily drove it farther than referenced above... and straight straight just FEEL the swing and automatically get in the "slot" and the weight transfers automatically and the wrists turn over and that's all I needed. No more "position" swing thoughts - that paralyze us all--Butch Harmon is right when he says you have to "FEEL it" and PGA Master Professional Luther Blacklock is a biomechanical genius! I have been traveling for business and it is in my basement--I just want to go home (see my family) and train on the Explanar.