"Find one and give it a try. Remember – 21 days to build muscle memory and 3 days to lose it! What do you have to lose except a few strokes of your score!" Peter Davison - AmateurGolf.com Player Staff

I have been playing since I was 11.   Now 49.   My first attempt at a USGA qualifier was the US Open at age 17.   Missed by a shot.   Have tried some 50 to 60 times or so over the 32 years.   Monday I was tied for Low Qualifier at the USGA Mid Am Qualifier here in CT.   While I do not have much time to hit balls due to work and family requirements – I do hop on the Explanar and work on some basics.  It has helped me with being more consistent on my plane, swinging around my spine (removing some of the sway) and keeping my triangle in better form going back and thru impact.   

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