“I never dreamed that my progress could be so dramatic!” – Julio Andino

“I purposely avoided playing, just so that I could reap all the benefits from using the Explanar, and to just make a commitment (to better golf) and basically start all over again.

Going to the driving range a few times, I did sort of get an inclination of how my progress was going – but after actually playing a round I never dreamt it would be so dramatic.

I ordered my Explanar with the optional “short” power roller, but I must be honest I have maybe used it once. All I have been practicing with has been the “long” power roller, since my biggest concern (and want) was getting off the tee-box and with some distance. I had resigned myself to using a 2-iron hybrid as my driver, because I just could not hit a driver at all. As time went on I was getting a little bit better, but consistency and distance never coincided.

Since ordering my Explanar I played a round at Miami Springs (6443 yds / whites – Par 71), and this is how I fared:

I not only got off the tee box, but I was consistently hitting bombs to within a pitching wedge from the hole – what a feeling!

My iron play (my strongest point) was longer than usual, but I did not have the same feel as before. After a few holes, I sort of got used to the new feeling and slowed down my swing.

The short game was so – so (no real difference), but the DVD did help out with the “bump & runs” and low trajectory shots.

Putting (as usual) did me in. I three putted four times and did not have a “feel” until the later holes. All in all I shot an 89 (first time I have broken 90). It was fantastic. On a few occasions I actually had to run up to the group in front and apologize for hitting my drives and some iron shots too close to them. What a feeling. I just do not know what to say, I am speechless – and that is very hard for me. What I can say, thanks, and I will keep you posted as to my progress.”