What is the Explanar golf training aid?

The Explanar golf training aid was invented by PGA Master Professional Luther Blacklock, and it is the result of his teaching practice for over twenty years.

Helps New Golfers Improve Swing Technique and Cut Their Learning Curve

Luther invented the Explanar to help people learn how to play golf. Learning to play golf can be likened to learning how to ride a bike, and this concept is the basis for the Explanar’s teaching methods.

If you think back to when you were a child, you learnt how to ride a bicycle with training wheels, as this helped you to learn how to balance. Even when the training wheels are removed, no one is able to ride a bicycle in a completely perfect upright position, but instead sway in and out of balance.

This is the same when playing golf and trying to swing along your optimum swing plane. No golfer can always swing along their optimum swing plane, but the Explanar helps you feel the perfect golf swing, and this movement is memorized in your muscles to be re-enacted on the golf course.

Just like when you remove the training wheels and you can ride a bike, when you leave the Explanar your muscles have memorized the swing movement to aid you in hitting the perfect shot on the course.

Teaches More Experienced Golfers Advanced Swing Techniques

If you are a more able golfer, the Explanar can be used to help with a variety of specialized shots, to curing a hook or a slice, or by teaching you how to hit draw and fade shots intentionally, the golf swing aid will be able to refine your complete golfing game.

Explanar Components

The Explanar golf swing aid comprises of the hoop, the plane fin, and the power roller. The Explanar is adjustable, and can therefore be used by golfers of all heights and for a variety of golf swings depending on the club you intend to use.


We are selling two different golf training aids, the Explanar Home Golf Training Aid and the Explanar Junior Golf Training Aid. We are also offering you the opportunity to use the Explanar with a PGA Pro so that you are able to see the improvements it can have on your swing for yourself. 

The Explanar Home Golf Training Aid

The Explanar Home Golf Training Aid

The Explanar Home Golf Training Aid can be used by amateurs and pro’s to develop a powerful and repeatable swing in the convenience of your own home.

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The Explanar Junior Golf Training Aid

The Explanar Junior Golf Training Aid

The Explanar Junior Golf Training Aid is smaller in size to cater for junior golfers or anyone under 5ft. The Explanar Junior Golf Training Aid helps young golfers practice their golf swing technique from an early age, which will reduce the development of bad swing habits.

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Explanar Professional Training Aid (1)

Explanar Professional Training Aid

The Explanar Professional Training System is the most comprehensive tool for teaching golf.

Golf professionals and coaches see fast results and a high level of interest in the teaching tool.

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Explanar Golf Lessons

Explanar Golf Lessons

We are offering you the chance to use the Explanar golf swing aid with an PGA Professional. Golf lessons with the Explanar will provide you with the opportunity to practice your golf swing and see the benefits of using it on your game before you purchase one. Using the Explanar with a Pro will also give you some hints and tips for best practice when using the golf swing aid, and help you tailor its use to your specific swing technique.

Explanar Golf Clubs

The Explanar is used in some of the best golf clubs around the US. To find out where you can use the Explanar take a look at our map.